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Business & Accounts Manager

Samara Trethowan


n Trethowan Building’s early years, Samara quietly played a crucial role, working behind the scenes and supporting her husband Liam and the team.

Before joining Trethowan Building, Samara had carved a successful career path as a qualified Veterinary Nurse and Practice Manager, accumulating 14 years of experience in the local area. Her skill in triaging business needs and managing a veterinary practice seamlessly translated into her current role, where she adeptly oversees the company’s financial accounts and operations.

Samara has a love for learning and creativity and is currently pursuing her Certificate IV in Interior Decoration, juggling her studies with family, personal and business life.

One of Samara’s most significant joys comes witnessing the entire creative process, from the initial design concepts, through to the various stages of construction and observing the meticulous execution of workmanship. She takes immense pride in the team’s efforts and the transformation of ideas into tangible and beautifully executed spaces.

Samara’s journey shows the power of adaptability and embracing new challenges. From her background in veterinary care to her current pursuit of an interior decoration qualification, she constantly seeks growth and self-improvement. Her dedication to her work, her studies, and her family reflects a harmonious balance of passion and responsibility, making her an invaluable asset to the business.

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