Why did you choose Trethowan Building to build your new home?

We trusted Liam and knew that he had a high attention to detail. Building with someone that we trusted that would also have our best interest at heart, was important to us. It was extremely daunting at first moving away from a volume / project builder, to a custom builder. The open communication with the team and Liam’s understanding, really helped in making the decision, to go with the team.

What made Trethowan Building stand out from other Construction Businesses?

It was certainly the quality of work, knowing Liam personally really did help as we trusted his character and knew that he had strong values and ethics which helped with our decision. It was only during the process that we realised the difference that it made building with Trethowan Building. The ability to customise anything in retrospect was something that made them different. Anything we could dream of, we could make happen, and that really helped with us executing our vision of our new home.

During the design process, the input from the team really bought our ideas to life on paper. We would have an hour long catch-up most weeks to review and ensure all was on track and ensure that we were within our budget. The time spent reviewing really made a difference through the build as we felt that we talked through every aspect of the building.

What aspect of the product or service were you most satisfied by?

Customer service

Is there something we could have done differently?


What aspect of the product or service were you least satisfied by? *Price

*I think early on a lack of understanding and a struggle to understand what true value was, was challenging for us. As we were guided through the process, the value became more apparent and we were comfortable with the price.
I certainly think that we got good value with our home as the workmanship and the overall process was fantastic, it was difficult to compare to big box builders that offer something totally different and we were happy with the outcome.

Overall, how pleased are you with the end result and overall experience of your New Home Build?

Very satisfied.

The open communication was always excellent, we always felt comfortable in having a conversation with any of the team. It was always great to be able to talk through ideas and changes with Liam.

Throughout the build, Liam was able to make suggestions that would improve the build and it was great to have his input as the small changes made a great difference to the final finish.